Naruto 665 – The Hyuuga Clan

I’ll say the person before Sasuke could either be Kabuto (found himself and was able to escape the loop),naruto chapter 665 Jiraiya (was maybe revived along with the kages by orochimaru unknowingly) which would possibly explain the aura we see around the silhouette that appears like the one naruto had when he mastered sage mode, or finally it could be Sasuke himself (using Izanagi or the jutsu the first gave him) when I saw the shadow in the Sand cloud it looked to me like its Sasuke. Maybe he has powered up some how and thats why Karin don’t recognize him because she said hes where Sasuke “was” meaning is no longer.


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665

We’re talking about a society where it’s standard teaching to protect one’s village by any means, even if it means killing innocent people, and assassination is a legitimate job. Kisame was ordered to wipe out the entire squad he was assigned to in order to protect the village, and Itachi was forced to wipe out his entire clan for the safety of the village. The main house of the Hyuuga clan uses a seal on their branch members to control them, in addition to protecting their bloodline secrets. Heck, the entire concept of the Jinchuuriki is basically forcing innocent children to harbor dangerous weapons that would more then likely end up causing their deaths. If ninjas don’t have a problem killing innocent humans for the greater good, why would there be a problem with them killing the Bijuus, who are much more dangerous? And clearly, that society has to change in order to stop mindless wars. That’s the point of the manga actually, to erase the cold , emotionless perception towards your enemy and try to understand them before attacking them for your own gain. Instead of pursuing your own wishes through killing another, why not try and understand another and accomplish something even greater through mutual understanding? The main problem with the shinobi world.
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